Help Our Children ‘Unplug” and Bring Them Back To The Therapeutic Solace of Nature, Part 1

Earl Shaffer walked the “Trail” from Georgia to Maine along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains exactly 70 years ago in 1948. He was the first to take this long walk as he said, “To walk off the war.” Earl like others saw the horrors of war during World War II. Now seven (7) decades later we have many “wounded warriors” hiking the Appalachian Trail to deal with PTSD. I have met many of these honorable men and women and understand how nature can help heal, restore, and overcome mental fatigue. Nature is calming, helps us relax and focus the mind. It’s mysteries and wonders have helped countless numbers.

Doctors and others in the health field have understood for a long time the therapeutic powers of nature. Nature therapy certainly isn’t a new concept, but the natural world has been off limits to many of our children for the last 3 decades. This unwarranted separation began in the 1980s and has been replaced with the rapid advancement of technology. No longer are the “backwoods” the playground for our kids. It has been reported on national news that the average child now spends less than 7 minutes a day outdoors, not necessarily in nature, just outside. This outside time might be just waiting for the school bus in front of their home. For many children the only outdoor activity may be playing on a fertilized, manicured, athletic field. I don’t believe this should be classified as a nature experience.

I have gone on day hikes with kids as old as 17 who have never been in the woods their entire life. The first time I did a day hike with 14-17 year olds and their staff from lock-up I had kids say after 10 minutes into the hike, “Boy, it’s so beautiful in here. I’ve never been in the woods in my life.” At the end of the day I had many thanking me for the greatest day of their lives asking me if I could do it again with them sometime.

I reflected on the day during the long drive home in my old pickup. It was one of the happiest days of my life and at the same time one of the saddest. It was at that moment when I realized I had to do something. No wonder these kids are killing each other, stealing cars, experimenting with or selling drugs. They don’t even know what’s out there. They don’t understand how beautiful and glorious the natural world is and what they are missing in life.

I started talking to anyone who would listen to me in the late ’90s, some 20 years ago, explaining that the youth of America were headed for a horrific future. I had witnessed enough by then to continue to remain silent. I remember warning people that we would see depression/suicide and heavy drug use like never before. I did not mention opiates, as drugs run in cycles. The opiate epidemic will eventually calm down and be replaced by some other “garbage”.

It has been this way ever since the drug culture established its strong roots after 1968. I have watched documentaries and read about the worst twelve months in American history. I also lived it. This was a time of race riots, protest marches, the burning of draft cards and the public desecration of American flags. The public learned that we had been lied to by our government as to the number of casualties in Vietnam. It was a time of insanity, and to deal with it all, young people turned to drugs in numbers never seen before in American history. It was the beginning of the escalation of the drug culture and its destructive force that is still with us today. America’s guts were ripped open during this era and this country has never recovered

I have discovered that most young people, even those well educated with graduate degrees know little of the history and happenings of 1968. On this 50th anniversary, it would be good if our youth were educated on its happenings to begin to understand the social problems it created for us today. Who has replaced Martin Luther King, Jr.? Who replaced RFK? What have we done for our Vietnam vets still suffering? I have friends in their 70s still attending anger management classes at the VA. There were no parades for these guys. Instead they were called “baby killers”, spit on, and couldn’t find a job after returning to civilian life.

Most everyone I spoke to in the late 90s about my predictions of the future were answered telling me I was crazy, nuts, negative, a downer. I remember one gentleman telling me I had a perverted sick mind and how dare I say something so horrible about the future of America’s children. “I can’t believe you’re a teacher.” I don’t argue with people, never have and never will. I would calmly say, “If you lived my personal life and you lived my professional life, it’s so easy to see what’s coming. It looks like an 18 wheeler coming down on us at 100 miles an hour with the high beams blaring in our eyes and the horn blasting. I pray every day I’m wrong.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t!

Just like Earl Shaffer and soldiers of war we all need a connection with nature. For too many it has become foreign in their hectic, technologically advanced life style. May this separation from nature be the missing link? It seems like every time I turn on the news the world gets a little crazier. Nature has a tremendous psychological importance to mental health. There is no question about it. All of us need this connection for emotional well-being. Many have said they are going for a walk in the woods to “clear their head”. The fact is, it does. It balances the brain and strengthens the right hemisphere. It restores harmony to the functions of the brain as a whole. Too much screen time during the development of a child’s brain stunts maturity of the frontal lobe, which develops to age 20. It has been reported on national news repeatedly that the average child in America today now spends more than 10 hours a day staring at some type of electronic screen. It is causing problems with learning, remembering, feeling, controlling impulses, and a slew of other problems mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Doctors and other health professionals keep warning us of the negative circumstances of to much screen time. They have advised parents not to let their children even watch TV until age 2. How much damage is being done to our youth we certainly don’t fully understand yet. We have just begun to realize its impact.

I heard a research doctor of the eye explain that if things continue over 1/2 the WORLD’S population will have myopia within the next 20 years. As he explained the research, it seemed so common sensible. The developing eye of the child he explained adapts as it grows to realize it doesn’t have to be developed to look at long distances by continually staring at screens. He also said they don’t understand yet but the lack of natural sunlight to the developing eye is contributing to growth of myopia. We are just beginning to understand the affects of living an unbalanced life of over using technology and this separation from nature and the outdoors. Few kids have the experience my son and I had during the winter of 2016-2017. I have witnessed 100 mile views from the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, but never before had I seen a 120 mile view on a crystal clear day in March. Being continually inside doesn’t let the eye develop properly.

We have created a world of asphalt, concrete, skyscrapers, cars, planes, subways, and advanced technology in the name of progress. This artificial world is so foreign to where this animal feels comfort. Yes, animal. Many of us have forgotten we are an animal, more specifically a mammal. This radical change in our natural environment has created an over stressed, overweight, over-medicated population. We drink too much, are drug dependent, depressed, angry, and simply going “nuts”. All this insanity may have something to do with our disconnection with the natural world.

Our children, in particular, are having a difficult time. Research and studies are making this very clear. What are our children doing, if not outside playing in the back woods or fishing down at the pond? How do they spend their time, if not living the life of a child as it was just a short time ago and what are the results of this change in life style?! Next time I will begin to examine these questions and the horrifying physical, mental, and emotional results this generation is dealing with.



The third essential to happiness the philosophers stated we need is “Something to Hope For, which we call a dream or goal. A dream gives life a purpose, a direction to follow. Without it, life becomes a barren field covered with snow. Living will have no meaning, purpose, mission, and lack happiness. Having a dream is everything and without it a person is lost to wander aimlessly. Trouble enters the life of those that have no positive path to follow. People that have no direction will have a better chance to fall into the darkness of depression, drug abuse, and other negative activities.
Hope may be the greatest of all three (3) essential needs to your happiness. It is a most powerful thing and something to grasp onto, especially when things get tough. Hope gives you a reason to go on, to get out of bed in the morning, and move you forward. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and hold on to hope, the dream. Hold it tight and never let it go or all is lost.

Be a dreamer and dream many dreams. I am always concerned when a person has but one dream. Spread your wings and have many dreams, as some will come true and others never will. Following the journey to your dreams will not always be positive and easy. There will be many hurdles and pitfalls to overcome, but the greater the struggle the greater the rewards. The amazing people you’ll meet, the adventures, and happening along that path to your dreams is what it’s all about. Enjoy and savor the journey, and don’t be afraid to work.

You may want to think twice about sharing your dreams with others. There are many who will try to sway you from your pursuits telling you it will never happen, laugh at you, discourage you. You don’t need all this negativity and it will be better to keep your dreams to yourself, as dreams are personal anyway. If you do share your dreams be careful with the ones you choose. Sharing with other positive goal driven people may bring encouragement from them but you will also increase the pressure upon yourself to succeed in reaching that destination. This could be what you want because now it’s not just about you. Being a positive force, inspiration, and motivation to help others may be worth the risk. This is something which only you can decide upon.

Too many organize and plan and plan and never put their dream into action. They become too old, too tired or it just never happens. Don’t wait! Step into your dream now. Taking that first step is always the most difficult, but you must take it now. You deserve a better life and to reach your dreams. Never, never, never quit. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. You only have one go around in life. Once it’s over it’s over! I hear too many people saying how they shoulda, coulda, woulda. I always have to ask, “Then why didn’t ya?” You want a life of no regrets, no stone unturned. Give it a shot and see how far you can take your dream. Do it for you no one else. This is your happiness we are talking about.


According to the philosophers, the second essential to happiness is simply finding something to do. Personal fulfillment and happiness involve discovering your true passions. Whether it is playing the guitar, writing, painting, running, photography, basketball, or making furniture it does not matter. The list of possibilities is endless. Moreover, it is not important how proficient you become in pursuing your passions. What is important is that you regularly engage in doing the things you love to do. I become very concerned with the person who has no constructive passions or puts everything they have into just one. Be diverse and “spread your wings”. Whether they are indoor or outdoor activities, understand where you feel most at home and happy within your own skin.
Most people I have encountered in my life don’t really understand themselves because they have never given themselves the chance to know their true self. That, in and of itself, can make it difficult to identify your true passions. So often you meet people who seem to have everything, yet they are still not happy. Conversely, you encounter people with very few material things who seem very happy. Constant exposure to some “norm” presented by conventional society and media has caused too many people to define themselves by those external influences. Invest the energy to understand who you really are, and allow your children to do the same.. You will learn what makes you one of a kind, unique, and special if you give yourself the time to know yourself.
I cannot over emphasize the importance of hobbies to your happiness. This second essential need to happiness also means that you have to manage your life to carve out and protect the time needed to pursue your passions. Absent conscious planning, the everyday responsibilities and tribulations of life will become all consuming. You hear it all the time from people everywhere, “I don’t have the time to do what I would really like to do. I have too many responsibilities and am too busy.” Well, you better make the time. Your quality of life and happiness depend on it! For most of us, it is not a matter of not having the time, but mismanagement of that time.
At times, I would be asked how I found the time to train for marathons and triathlons. Many times training twice a day while working is not an easy task, but many do it. The ride to work took 33 minutes by car and by high tech bicycle 49. That’s just 16 extra minutes getting into work and out each day. In just 32 extra minutes a day in the commute I could ride 36 miles. How many times do you sit and watch a show on television for 30 or 60 minutes and after it’s over realize it was a waste of your time? Don’t ask me what’s on TV tonight, as I have too many activities to contend with that I enjoy. Hopping out of bed an hour early to hit the pool on the route to work, so I could get in my 90 laps was important to me because I had a triathlon I was training for.
It’s amazing how much extra time you will have in your life to pursue your hobbies and passions once you shut-off your electronic devices. If you want to live your life and immerse yourself in what really excites you, turn off the television, phone, computer, tablet, and video games for a period of time each day. Dedicate that time to discovering and engaging in your life’s passions.
If you really want to find that zest for life and spend your short existence on this planet enjoying your time, base your goals and dreams around those you love and what you love to do. Find your niche, and you will feel that you were meant to be here; your life will have meaning.
So find your passions and build your dreams and life around them. Your greatest wish will be to find more time to indulge in these passions. Be someone who takes action and moves closer every day to fulfillment and happiness. Don’t get caught up in the fast paced “rat race” of society. Break away and discover how wonderful life can be once you discover your passions and incorporate them into your life.


As stated in the last blog entry, according to the great philosophers their are “3 Essential NEEDS to Happiness”. I mentioned how I stumbled upon them in my preparation for class one day while in my 30s and realized, unknowingly, I was living my life each day according to these NEEDS. I was once a very depressed young man and had some how found my way basing my thoughts and actions around these “3 Essential Needs…”.

                                                                                                                SOMEONE TO LOVE
Most people in prison today weren’t nurtured as children. This was not their fault, but one of circumstances. We have too many children being brought into this world that were unwanted and unplanned. With all our knowledge of birth control, there is no excuse for a child born into a world without the love of their parents. If you don’t want children in your life, don’t have any. I respect people who don’t have children because they don’t want them.
As a public educator for thirty-five (35) years, I saw thousands of kids, who weren’t suppose to be here and I witnessed the hardship they lived with every day. A child growing up without love will become sad and/or mad. It’s easy to keep them quiet and controlled when they’re little. Just give them a stuffed animal and have them curl up on the couch and watch some movie. Today, it seems many parents just buy an electronic device to babysit them while Mom and Dad do their own thing.
If the foundation of love is not developed in the early years, that child will come “tumbling down” once the hormones “kick in”. I’ve heard so many parents say, “I don’t know what happened. She was such a sweet child.” That sweet child’s emotions all “blew apart” in the teen years. Mix in a little alcohol and an assortment of other selected narcotics with the hormones and you now have a raving rebellious teenager.
Having 12 different classes of adolescents each semester. I would discuss values early on. The kids would understand that a value is personal and something that is important to you. I would ask them to share their top ten values with me on paper. I would explain their personal values would not be shared. I could quickly learn a great deal from the personalities I would work with in my classes. Listed in the top 3 was usually family and sometimes friends. If this was not listed, it told me something important about that child. Universally, love is a basic need to happiness.
Edgar Allan Poe is an excellent example demonstrating the NEED for love. It seems most people know he was a great writer, “the Father of Horror”. The thing I have discovered is most don’t know why and know little of his life. Please take the time to research his life to begin to understand how important love is to your happiness. “The Father of Horror” had a horrific life.
I will begin his life and let you look at the rest. He was born in Boston and named Edgar Poe. His father disappeared when he was just 2 and his mother died when Edgar was 3. He was separated from his 2 siblings and eventually taken in by the Allan family in Virginia, thus his middle name. Mrs. Allan could not biologically conceive and desperately wanted a child. Mr. Allan took in the orphan child to appease his wife, never legally adopted him as his own, and eventually disowned him. Mrs. Allan died.
In Poe’s short life of just forty (40) years, it seems every time he got close to a woman as a mother figure or companion they either died or left him. He never experienced true love. He became extremely depressed, drank, used opiates, and his deep depression took him to the “dark side”. The insanity came from a mixture of all of the above mentioned. His genius was recognized during his short stay as a student at our military academy, West Point. Sometimes I think it must be comforting to be dumb, as the whole world could be collapsing around you and you’re unaware living in your own simple world. Poe being of supreme intelligence and sensitive could recognize the stress and pain of being unloved. He attempted suicide more than once and slowly killed himself like many today that suffer from being unloved with an assortment of drugs. He wrote some of the most amazingly “sick” horror stories especially toward the end of his life when he was certifiably insane. Thank you, Edgar.
Love doesn’t always have to come from another human being. I have trained my dog, Otis, as a therapy dog. This dog craves love, as he was the only pup in the litter and his Mother was sold when he was just a month old. Here was little Otis abandoned and alone. When we took him in he was troubled. He would suckle on my hand all the time, sleep against the wall (he was in a child’s plastic swimming pool and slept against the side of the pool for comfort), and he would nip us. This I found out was from the breeder attempting to socialize him with other litters. Being foreign to the litter, Otis would be aggressively attacked. To this day, Otis still likes to sleep against something, especially you. He occasionally will attack other dogs when he feels threatened. This obviously goes back to when he was bullied. My son, who has his graduate degree in psychology and works with foster care children told me one day early on that I had “damaged goods” and he’s right. Otis makes an exceptional therapy dog, as he craves the love he never had in his formative months (never take a puppy from its Mom before 8 weeks). Children love him and he craves their attention. I have seen as many as 14 kids patting and hugging him at one time.
I have taken him to lock-up facilities for “at risk” delinquents. These kids can’t even say the word love. “Guys what’s a stronger word for like?” There is no response, but with Otis they begin to open up. Animals have been used with prisoners for a long time to teach empathy, compassion, and love.
Otis and I walk in the woods each and every morning. I have my boots, snowshoes, muck boots, umbrella, etc. We walk in nature undisturbed for over an hour together. It’s our favorite time of day. We hike in the White Mountains in winter, go on canoe trips, and swim out to my raft on the lake together. He’s my buddy. Otis loves me and I love him. He waits for me at the door for my return in the evening and can’t understand why we aren’t playing standing there with a ball in his mouth. It’s time to go out in the yard and have a good time together again.
We all NEED love. When you find it cherish it and never take it for granted. We are a social being and NEED this thing called love to be truly happy. I hope you have found yours and respect it and understand how fragile it can be.IMG_1108.JPG


In my late 30’s, my teaching involved conveying the importance of self-esteem to teens. One day when making preparations for class, I came across some of the readings by philosophers over centuries of time on happiness. I read about the “3 Essential Needs to Happiness” and realized by trial and error I had some how based my own life around these concepts. It was just something I had fallen into on my journey through life. I was living according to these “3 Essentials…” unknowingly. It seemed that whenever I drifted my focus away from WORKING and basing my life around these ideas I was less content and would make the swing back to this focus to find my happiness.

Several months after returning home after the hike from Georgia to Maine on the “Trail”, I realized I missed all those kids I taught for so many years, especially the “lost” troubled ones. Maybe, this is because once upon a time I was one of them.

I offered to do a program for DYS (Department of Youth Services), a lock-up facility for young criminals, in the city I worked in for 29 years. I figured I had a beautiful digital slide show of my adventure and a story to tell. It wasn’t so much the 2176 mile journey through 14 states, but the journey of my troubled youth and my transition to a life of happiness and fulfillment. I wanted these kids to see where the happiness came from and understand that happiness isn’t tangible or something that happens because of circumstances. Winning that lottery ticket is not the secret to happiness. Believe me when I say true fulfillment and happiness can only be achieved through HARD WORK. Don’t be afraid to struggle, get discouraged, fall on your face in the mud, confront what you conceive as failure, because without all this you will NEVER truly understand and reach HAPPINESS and a life of FULFILLMENT.

It seems most people I know chase wealth and money. The majority of people think that success and happiness is getting that well paying job, big house, the car, a certain wardrobe, jewelry, etc. Seventy percent (70%) of our money is spent on items. We are over indulging consumers. We buy THINGS thinking this will make us happy. Corporations spend billions of dollars on advertising and marketing their products for a reason and most buy into it. Chasing and working for these THINGS will NEVER bring happiness according to the teachings from the greatest thinkers that have walked this earth through the centuries of time.

After speaking with many kids at different lock-up facilities and alternative high schools, I started conducted presentations to adults. Everywhere I went it became apparent that no one seemed to understand the “3 Essential Needs to Happiness” and the wisdom passed down to us.

It became very clear to me why so many are having a difficult time. Our children, especially, are having a hard time coping with life. We are now in a national epidemic of depression/suicide and opiate addiction. This has to be one of the saddest eras of my lifetime. Our young people are suffering and are in BIG trouble! There is a way out, if they just listen to the lessons of the past and accept the gifts given to us.

I have read, and watched documentaries about the worst year in American History. It was the year I finally pulled out of high school at 19. The year was 1968. We are now in the 50th Anniversary of this horrific year. It ripped the “guts” right out of this country. All the drugs came in because of these times and our racial problems escalated. We have NEVER recovered and many of our difficulties today are related to what happen during these 12 months. It doesn’t seem to be taught and discussed in our schools, so if you are not aware of the happenings please do some research. This will give you a better understanding why we are now in the mess we’re in and how we as a nation can move forward.

My biggest dream and challenge in life now is to assist people, especially our young people, find that path to happiness and fulfillment, as I stumbled upon. I developed a website, “”, and published my book, “Trail Dreams”, with the help of a wonderful daughter. She does amazing work as a graphic designer and realized my passion to reach out to others in these troubled times. She is there constantly to assist and help me with my mission of hope.

Happiness is simple, but in this fast paced, technologically advanced society many are struggling to find peace and happiness. The rest of my life will be dedicated to assist and clarify this simple concept, especially for our youth. Too many are hurting and I will do all I can to help. Happiness is not some tangible entity. It is found in all of us. Next time I will begin writing about these “3 Essential Needs…”



The Reasoning Behind The NATIONAL EPIDEMIC of Depression/Suicide & Opiate Addiction… the missing link

I started telling people or I should say I would tell anyone, who would take the time to listen that our children were headed for a horrific future. I remember mentioning we would see depression/suicide rates and heavy drug use like never before. I didn’t say heroin, as drugs go through cycles. Heroin’s heavy use and popularity on the streets will eventually diminish and be replaced by some other garbage. I have been watching the drugs come and go for the past 1/2 century. My predictions and warnings to people began 20 years ago in the late 1990s. People were telling me I was crazy, a downer. “Don’t you have anything good to say about our kids. You’re so negative! Why would you ever say something so horrible about our children?!”

I’ve never been someone who argues. Arguing many times leads to something negative like hurt feelings or violence. Heck, I use to be the “Violence Prevention Educator” in the Brockton Public Schools. I always found it sad to think that it was necessary to teach anti-violence in our schools. I guess, this was a strong indicator that our society was very “sick”. An anti-gang program was piloted in my classroom over a 1/4 century ago back in 1991. Watching the news over the last 30 years demonstrates to me that we aren’t getting any better. We just keep getting “sicker”.

It was easy to see all this coming by the late ’90s. I would simply answer, “If you lived my personal life and you lived my professional life it’s easy to see what’s coming for our children. It looks like a charging out of control locomotive coming down on us with the whistle blowing and lights flashing. I hope I’m wrong. I pray I’m wrong.” Unfortunately, here we are.

During my 35 year career in public education, I worked in rural, suburban, and urban settings. With 3 teaching certifications and a graduate degree I had the opportunity to be a classroom teacher in elementary schools, classroom teacher in junior high schools (now referred to as middle schools), and also taught at the high school level. I coached track at both the junior high and senior high level, was a director at a resident camp in NH, worked at day camps, and was involved with children in other capacities.

Withdrawal became my crutch as a child to deal with turmoil and trauma. I did not withdraw to my room but went deeper and deeper into the woods. It was my escape, my refuge. Experiencing nature in solitude was my sanctuary and my way to cope.

In the 1980s the “perfect storm” was created in our society. Certain people and our government officials thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to lock certain people up. Technology was advancing at an accelerated rate and we began tracking people with ankle bracelets and registering them with computers so we could monitor their activity. We started opening up the doors of our institutions and eventually closed many of them. It certainly didn’t take a genius to figure how this might effect our innocent little children. Kids have NO RIGHTS and NO VOTE. Quite frankly our kids were “sold out” by our government officials. Horrific events began in short order for our young people.

I remember in our little town of Kingston when a 12 year old girl was missing for days and eventually found savagely murdered. The murderer was a former psychiatric patient now living next door. That horrible incident happened some 30 years ago and every time I turn on the news there seems to be another poor innocent child becoming another victim. The ’80s brought all kinds of psychologically unbalanced individuals living amongst us.Our children started being watched and hovered over by their parents and other caregivers. Being outside and in nature was becoming absent from our children’s lives. The government was responsible for our children losing their FREEDOM. After school programs, summer camps, day camps, organized sports programs, “play dates” and all this organized control of our kids began. They were removed from the natural world and the backwoods became off limits it seemed almost overnight. All its solace, its wonders and mysteries gone from their lives. There was no longer a connection with “Mother Earth”. Gone!

My first marathon was run in 1978 and by the early ’80s I was running 3 marathons a year. Most of my training was off road through paths in the woods and dirt roads. People ask me all the time, if I’m still running after all these years. “How are your knees?” My knees are fine, but I can’t run anymore at my age. I jog now. Anyone with a brain should realize you weren’t made to run on pavement or concrete. It just made sense to me that it would be better physically and for my knees to run on soft ground, plus psychologically it’s very therapeutic and more natural to run through the woods chasing rabbits than contending with drunks on the road.

No longer did I see children in the woods playing imaginary creative games, climbing trees, building forts, catching frogs, fishing, skating on the frozen ponds or swimming in summer. It was sad to witness all this joy vanishing from our children’s lives. I was totally alone now running in the woods “free as a bird” while our wonderful, frightened, untrusting children were trapped behind 4 walls. I haven’t seen a kid alone in the woods now for decades. The last time I saw a child climb a tree must be at least 30 years ago. People seemed to fear the “Boogie Man” out there. The thing is I haven’t found him yet after all these years searching. I’m in the woods every day walking or jogging with my dog, Otis, who can sniff out anything. We keep looking behind those big old white pines and in caves, but no luck. I hiked from Georgia to Maine in 2008 and now am sectioning back to Georgia and not once have I even seen a glimpse of this character. There doesn’t seem to be anything out in those woods to fear, no bigfoot, wolves, or lions. In fact, I think being in the “middle of no where” may possibly be safer than any street corner in America!

At the same time this was happening technology was marching into our homes. The first video games appeared on our kids TV screens in the ’80s. Remember “Pac-Man”, “The Mario Brothers” and the rest? It was the beginning of the “storm” and the beginning of major problems for our young people. The physical problems were easy to see a decade later. Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, a foreign disease just a generation ago came upon us. Now 1/3 of our children are obese and Type 2 Diabetes is now the fastest growing disease in America.

What about the mental and emotional damage being done to our children living this life style? After 20 years of talking to myself about what was coming, it seems a lot of people are beginning to listen and telling me I make a lot of sense…We need to help our children “unplug!!!