The third essential to happiness the philosophers stated we need is “Something to Hope For, which we call a dream or goal. A dream gives life a purpose, a direction to follow. Without it, life becomes a barren field covered with snow. Living will have no meaning, purpose, mission, and lack happiness. Having a dream is everything and without it a person is lost to wander aimlessly. Trouble enters the life of those that have no positive path to follow. People that have no direction will have a better chance to fall into the darkness of depression, drug abuse, and other negative activities.
Hope may be the greatest of all three (3) essential needs to your happiness. It is a most powerful thing and something to grasp onto, especially when things get tough. Hope gives you a reason to go on, to get out of bed in the morning, and move you forward. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and hold on to hope, the dream. Hold it tight and never let it go or all is lost.

Be a dreamer and dream many dreams. I am always concerned when a person has but one dream. Spread your wings and have many dreams, as some will come true and others never will. Following the journey to your dreams will not always be positive and easy. There will be many hurdles and pitfalls to overcome, but the greater the struggle the greater the rewards. The amazing people you’ll meet, the adventures, and happening along that path to your dreams is what it’s all about. Enjoy and savor the journey, and don’t be afraid to work.

You may want to think twice about sharing your dreams with others. There are many who will try to sway you from your pursuits telling you it will never happen, laugh at you, discourage you. You don’t need all this negativity and it will be better to keep your dreams to yourself, as dreams are personal anyway. If you do share your dreams be careful with the ones you choose. Sharing with other positive goal driven people may bring encouragement from them but you will also increase the pressure upon yourself to succeed in reaching that destination. This could be what you want because now it’s not just about you. Being a positive force, inspiration, and motivation to help others may be worth the risk. This is something which only you can decide upon.

Too many organize and plan and plan and never put their dream into action. They become too old, too tired or it just never happens. Don’t wait! Step into your dream now. Taking that first step is always the most difficult, but you must take it now. You deserve a better life and to reach your dreams. Never, never, never quit. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. You only have one go around in life. Once it’s over it’s over! I hear too many people saying how they shoulda, coulda, woulda. I always have to ask, “Then why didn’t ya?” You want a life of no regrets, no stone unturned. Give it a shot and see how far you can take your dream. Do it for you no one else. This is your happiness we are talking about.

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